We aim to provide a helping hand to

1 502 893 Children in Ghana and Beyond.


We finance the recruitment and training of teachers and also cover tuition fees, school supplies and uniforms as well as after-school program expenses for underprivileged children.

Help & Support

We foster a virtuous circle by implementing adoption programs for disadvantaged children, by financing micro-enterprise development courses for rural women, and by connecting volunteers with areas and need categories of their choices.

Health Access

We build basic-healthcare facilities (village clinic, maternity ward, etc.) and collaborate with health practitioners to execute immunization programs on deadly childhood diseases such as measles, diarrhea and pneumonia.

Food & Water

We coordinate food and nutrition security programs in order to provide needy adults and children with a balanced diet and to eradicate nutritional deficiencies and water-related diseases, such as diarrhea.

Youth Mentoring

We bring career women and men from diverse backgrounds to mentor the youth in junior and high schools in choosing the right career paths. These mentors and role models include professionals and entrepreneurs who volunteer their time and share their experiences with youngsters at events organized by The Village Girl Foundation.

Social Ammenities

We aim to build health centers, renovate maternity wards and provide medical supplies to various communities. The Village Girl Foundation also plans to assist public officials in getting rid of the ‘Schools Under Trees’ initiative and continuously working to build schools and giving the necessary school supplies to underprivileged communities.