Helping Hand:

Aiming to support 1,502,893 children in Ghana and beyond.


  • Teacher recruitment and training
  • Funding tuition, supplies, uniforms, and after-school programs

Help & Support:

  • Adoption programs for disadvantaged children
  • Micro-enterprise development courses for rural women
  • Connecting volunteers with areas of need

Health Access:

  • Building healthcare facilities
  • Immunization programs for deadly childhood diseases

Food & Water:

  • Food and nutrition security programs
  • Eradicating nutritional deficiencies and water-related diseases

Youth Mentoring:

  • Career guidance from professionals and entrepreneurs

Social Amenities:

  • Building health centers and renovating maternity wards
  • Assisting in replacing ‘Schools Under Trees’ and providing school supplies.

    Your kindness helps lots of children and adults have better lives. Thank you.